Infants and Woddlers

Infants and Woddlers

Kidz World Academy understands that your new bundle of joy is the center of your world, and we will treat them as such. Children’s senses will be stimulated through activities, music, and themed lessons. Our well trained and caring staff will work with parents to meticulously plan your child’s day. Parents will leave feeling confident that their new bundle of job is being cared in a safe, secure, and clean environment.

We are devoted to fostering your infant’s strengths, personality, and capabilities. We understand that young children require flexibility and individualization when it comes to meeting their unique needs. Keeping this in mind, we attempt to establish as much consistency as possible to provide your little one with a strong sense of trust and security.

Our devoted staff will work with you to ensure all your infant’s needs are met, as well as their developmental milestones.

Our Infant Care Program Features:

  • Nurturing, personal care that builds your infant’s self-esteem
  • Regular teacher-child interactions that spark curiosity and socialization
  • Playtime and experiences that help boost cognitive and motor skills
  • Age-appropriate materials and equipment that support learning and development
  • Regular teacher-family communication, including daily updates to keep you informed
  • A safe daycare environment where your infant has the freedom to move and explore